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At TUI Nordic, it is our goal for sustainable development to be embedded into our core business. In 2007/08, our focus was to create a team with responsibility for environment and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Climate Change

TUIfly Nordic
Key performance indicator: Reduce fuel consumption per revenue passenger kilometre by 5% by 2010/11 and by 10% by 2014/15 (compared to the 2007/08 figure of 66g CO2/RPK).

In 2007/08, we assessed TUIfly Nordic’s air traffic programme to identify fuel savings and removed the relatively fuel inefficient Boeing 747 from our fleet. TUIfly Nordic is the most fuel efficient fleet within the TUI Travel airlines.

In 2008/09, we aim to fit ‘winglets’ to all Boeing 767s in the fleet. We fitted the first of these in May 2009 and will fit more before the Winter season. Boeing estimates that the winglets will result in a fuel saving of up to 6% for each aircraft. We also aim to certify TUIfly Nordic’s Environmental Management System (EMS) to ISO14001 standard. Our certification inspection is due in September 2009.

In the longer term, TUIfly Nordic will be the first airline in the Scandinavian region to launch the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which promises a reduction in carbon emissions of up to 20% compared to the Boeing 767.

External carriers
Alongside our work to make TUIfly Nordic more efficient, TUI Nordic prioritises external carriers with low fuel consumption and certified Environmental Management Systems. We have also started to require the disclosure of average fuel consumption in all carrier contracts.

Key performance indicator: Reduce energy consumption at TUI Nordic offices and shops by 15% by 2012/2013. In 2007/08, TUI Nordic’s energy consumption from offices and shops generated a total of 1,504 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Nearly all TUI Nordic offices and shops are on green energy contracts. In addition, all TUI Nordic catalogues and brochures are printed on environmentally-friendly paper.

Blue Train
TUI Nordic has developed a train charter holiday package which is less carbon intensive than flying, reducing the environmental impact of customers’ travel to their holiday destination. The ‘Blue Train’ experience takes customers on an overnight train from Malmo in Sweden to many resorts across Europe.

In 2008/09, we aim to develop this product further, shortening the journey time, increasing comfort and offering more points of departure and destinations.


Key performance indicator: Reduce carbon emissions in all Blue Villages (TUI Nordic’s flagship hotel properties) from 1.5 kg/guest night to 1.35 kg/guest night by 2010/2011.

TUI Nordic has a joint venture with Atlantica Hotels for the new-build project Atlantica Aegean Blue Village in Rhodes. The hotel opened in April 2009 and aims to be climate neutral and environmentally sustainable through a number of measures, including no use of fossil fuels within the hotel, reducing electricity and water consumption per guest night to a minimum, and buying carbon-free electricity from renewable energy sources as soon as this is available in Rhodes.

In 2008/09, our focus is the ISO14001 certification of all Blue Village properties in Europe and Turkey, which is due to be completed in January 2010. We will also investigate a proposal to make all Blue Village resorts in Europe climate neutral.

Our People

Key performance indicator: 90% of TUI Nordic colleagues will agree that TUI Nordic is taking responsibility for the environment by 2012/2013.

Our internal survey in March 2008 showed that 84% of our colleagues currently agree with this statement. In 2008/09, we will launch new internal training on environmental issues and will continue our regular communications with colleagues and Blue Village partners.

Our Customers

Key performance indicator: TUI Nordic’s brands, Fritidsresor, Star Tour and Finnmatkat, will be perceived as the most environmentally conscious tour operators by consumers. To achieve this, the brands will need to be the top-rated tour operator for environment in an external survey in at least three out of the four Nordic countries.

In 2008/09, we plan to involve our customers in environmental awareness and behaviour change initiatives. We are looking into including environmental facts about destinations and hotels on our websites, starting with the Blue Village resorts.

We also aim to inform travellers how they can reduce their carbon emissions on holiday and encourage them to choose a bus transfer over a taxi from the airport to their hotel.

Targets for 2008/09

Achieve ISO14001-certified EMS in TUIfly Nordic

Develop the Blue Train by adding routes, shortening journey time and increasing comfort

Incorporate sustainable development contract addendum into accomodation supplier contracting process
Define strategy for making Blue Village resorts climate neutral

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